Top Oregon business headlines 2018

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Some of the most viewed and shared Oregon business stories on Oregon Business Report.

1. $800 million wine, beer, sin tax to slam small business

2. Oregon has a secret gas tax

3. Lawmakers roll out 14 new business taxes

4. How much will your Kicker Tax Refund be?

5. Oregon among the most unionized states

6. Burgerville union workers ‘Abolish ICE’ pins stirs uproar

7. Historic Era — 14 Economic Records Broken

8. Oregon #6 on Red Tape list

9. 10 key factors in baseball coming to Portland

10. Small Business Taxes: What Happened & What’s Next?

11. Oregon job vacancy report: 49,500

12. What’s driving Portland’s sudden population decline?

13. Trump applauds Oregon mileage tax