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Housing improves — even in Portland

September 30, 2011 --

By Patrick Emerson,
Oregon Economics Blog

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal’s Economics Blog and the Oregonian.

The first is some good news in housing:

Quote the Journal:

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Where the Europe crisis is heading

September 29, 2011 --

Where the Europe crisis is heading
By Albert Gallatin

Recent events in Europe have once again highlighted the macro-economic problem of the developed economies: over borrowing at all levels, public and private, led to unrealistic expansion of credit which eventually led to a bust. In each case Western governments dealt with the private debt crisis by transferring these assets onto the public’s balance sheet (think TARP and the Federal Reserve’s special lending facility in the US). Now, in Europe, the bill for these public sector bailouts is coming due. Absent some extraordinary rescue the governments of Europe’s southern tier will need to default on their debt– as the President said in a recent press conference regarding America’s own shaky budget situation, it’s simply math.

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AOI testimony: Family Leave Law, How Oregon compares

September 28, 2011 --

AOI Testifies on Oregon’s Family Leave Laws
By  J.L. Wilson –
Associated Oregon Industries

AOI provided testimony this week to the House Business and Labor Committee on the unwieldy nature of Oregon’s family leave laws. The Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) provides the most generous workplace leave provisions of any state in the nation. Oregon employers bear an extraordinary cost to administer this law which employers in 49 other states do not.

AOI routinely works on family leave issues in every legislative session, often testifying and working in opposition to expansion of the law. It was AOI’s intention this week to give legislators an snapshot view of the Oregon law in relation to the other 49 states. Oftentimes, well-intentioned legislators propose various expansions of OFLA without knowing just how out-of-place these expansions are in the national context.

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Chart: Oregon income falling behind national rate

September 27, 2011 --

The typical U.S. middle class household witnessed its income fall by 1.4%. Oregon fell -4.7%, California -3.7% and Washington -.1%

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Walden: Revamping county payments plan to create jobs

September 26, 2011 --

Rep. Greg Walden says forest health legislation can put Oregonians back to work in the woods
— Draft legislation considered would replace ‘county payments’ with a solution that produces revenue for schools, law enforcement, and roads by putting Oregonians back to work in the woods
By Congressman Greg Walden

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Greg Walden released the following statement following the House Natural Resources Committee’s hearing on draft legislation to increase active federal forest management, put Oregonians back to work in the woods, and create revenue for rural schools, first responders, and transportation budgets.

“The House Natural Resources Committee today took the first step toward developing a long-term sustainable solution for our rural forest communities. There is bipartisan agreement that the status quo doesn’t work. Counties don’t want a federal handout anymore. Oregonians want jobs back in their communities and forests that are actively managed instead of tied up in endless lawsuits.

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Oregon NFIB to host business summit

September 25, 2011 --

NFIB host business Summit in Bend,
Sunday, October 2—Tuesday, October 4


Every year NFIB/Oregon’s Small Business Summit gets bigger and better and this year will be no exception. The 2011 gathering will be packed full of in-depth policy discussions and other important topics relating to small business.

This event is open to anyone interested in Oregon’s Economy, Policies and Small Business.

Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Williams, American Legislative Exchange Council (
Co-Author “Rich States, Poor States” 2011

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Video: HP and their decade of business mistakes

September 24, 2011 --

Video: HP and their decade of business mistakes

HP new hiring of CEO Meg Whitman brings to light a 10 year strecth of headline business mistakes. See the CNN video below:

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State Treasurer: Lottery & private financing partnership

September 23, 2011 --

State Treasurer Ted Wheeler outlines new vision for investing in Oregon economic opportunities
– Treasurer working with Gov. Kitzhaber, business leaders to design ‘Oregon Investment Act’
By Oregon State Treasurer
Press Release excerpts.

SALEM –In a hearing Wednesday of the Senate Interim Committee on Business, Transportation and Economic Development, Wheeler spoke about the need in Oregon need for additional business capital, and he offered a first look at the Oregon Investment Act, which he said will be an economic development powerhouse for the state.

The plan is being developed in coordination with and on behalf of Gov. John Kitzhaber, and the details are being hammered out by a bipartisan panel of experts convened by the Treasurer.

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Wyden raises internet bias question on domain names

September 22, 2011 --

Wyden Calls for Ethics Rules to Prevent Revolving Door for Internet Domain Name Regulators
By Senator Ron Wyden, Press Release

Washington, D.C. – As the online community prepares for a massive expansion in potential domain names and the expiration of the contract with the non-profit, non-governmental organization responsible for domain name regulation, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore) raised concerns about the potential for bias and unfair favoritism stemming from a revolving door between internet regulators and the multi-million dollar domain name industry they formerly regulated.

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Comparing recessions, world recessions

September 21, 2011 --

By Patrick Emerson
Oregon Economics Blog

Absolutely essential reading over at the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis blog where Josh updates the Reinhardt and Rogoff data on comparative crises.

He shows this graph which I have also been showing from time to time to give some perspective on the seriousness of the current recession relative to US recessions past. Ouch:

But how does the current US crisis compare to other serious crises around the world? Here is a comparative graph:

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