Problems with Warehouse Worker Protection Act


The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading small business advocacy organization sent a letter of opposition to the U.S. House of Representatives opposing H.R. 8639, the Warehouse Worker Protection Act. The legislation would lead to increased costs, burdensome mandates, and more red tape on small businesses.

“This is bad legislation and another example of Congress saddling small businesses with more onerous and costly regulations,” said Dylan Rosnick, NFIB Principal of Federal Government Relations. “The Warehouse Worker Protection Act is a grab bag of bad policies that includes several provisions that will further hinder the small business economy. We strongly oppose this legislation and ask Congress to instead focus on policies that would strengthen small businesses and the economy.”

The Warehouse Worker Protection Act would be harmful to small businesses due to problematic provisions like OSHA undertaking an ergonomic standard rulemaking and banning all quotas and workplace performance standards. It also mandates burdensome record-keeping requirements for employers who track employee activity and requires the data to be available to DOL upon request. Finally, it creates a “Quota Task Force” made up of union representatives and worker advocacy organizations to enforce the quota ban.

Small business owners continuously rank “unreasonable government regulation” as one of the top concerns facing small businesses.

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