Portland tops for business, families

Portland Ranks #1 on TechNational’s ‘Top 10 Cities To Have A Business And A Family’
By TechNational 
Portland features in new Census Data report carried out by startup and technology news hub, TechNational 
Portland has been recognized as one of the top 10 cities for both business success and family happiness, according to TheTechNational.com. The comprehensive analysis highlighted Portland’s exceptional qualities that make it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs, in Oregon and across the country, seeking a thriving business environment whilst building a wholesome family life.
For those seeking to achieve a balance between professional success and family well-being, Portland stands out for its unique blend of affordability, high-quality education and work-life balance. This recognition is a testament to the city’s commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem for both businesses and families, particularly in regards to sustainable living.
TechNational’s research involved a thorough examination of US Census Data, including property values, crime rates and employment rates. The full report, encompassing the top 10 cities and detailed insights, can be accessed here: https://thetechnational.com/best-us-cities-to-have-a-business-and-a-family/
Daniel Tannenbaum, from TechNational, commented:
“Portland’s inclusion in our list this year reflects its outstanding qualities as a city that provides a perfect environment for both professional growth and family well-being. We believe this recognition will resonate with the current residents of Portland, and will hopefully attract individuals and families in search of that ideal blend of career opportunities and quality living.”

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