Oregon AG testifies on gun, labor, health bills

By Oregon Attorney General,
Press Release

3/20/2023 — It’s a big week for Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s legislative policy priorities in the Oregon Legislature.

Attorney General Rosenblum will testify today before committees of the Oregon Legislature on three of her top priorities for 2023: supporting access to the full range of reproductive and gender-affirming health care, improving our state’s response to labor trafficking, and providing support for victims of bias crimes and incidents. On Wednesday, she will also testify in support of stronger gun violence prevention measures, specifically, banning “ghost guns.”

“I am so grateful for our hard-working legislators and particularly those who have agreed to introduce these priority bills which embody my emphasis on protecting our most vulnerable: victims of hate and bias, codifying healthcare rights, banning deadly “ghost guns,” and providing support for labor trafficking victims. I look forward to continuing to work together to get these bills across the finish line and into law,” said Attorney General Rosenblum.

All hearings can be streamed live through the Oregon Legislature, and the Attorney General’s testimony for each bill is also available upon request.

Monday, March 20, 2023

House Judiciary
Bias Crimes HB 3443
8:00 AM

Bias Crimes and Incidents (HB 3443): This bill is another step forward in DOJ’s work to address bias crimes and incidents in Oregon. In 2020, the Oregon legislature funded Oregon’s Bias Response Hotline, which connects victims with trauma-informed, culturally and linguistically responsive, victim-centered support. The Hotline also tracks and publishes data and provides training on Oregon hate and bias laws. This bill expands on the previous commitments of the Oregon Legislature and will help Oregon better serve victims and survivors. The bill includes a variety of protections for victims of bias crimes and incidents.

Senate Judiciary
Labor Trafficking (SB 1052)
1:00 PM

Labor Trafficking Task Force (SB 1052): This bill comes from the Attorney General’s Labor Trafficking task force, established in 2020. Labor trafficking is a form of human trafficking that can include threats of violence and coercion to force a person to work against their will, sometimes with no or little pay or inhumane conditions. Labor trafficking arises in many contexts, including domestic servitude, construction, agriculture (including illegal marijuana grows) and more. Victims are sometimes tricked into trafficking with the promise of a job and legal residency. This bill will improve the state’s response to labor trafficking, better support victims and survivors, and help us to hold traffickers accountable for their crimes.

House Behavioral Health and Health Care Committee
Reproductive Health Care
3:00 PM

Reproductive Health and Access to Care (HB 2002): In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the federal right to abortion, Oregon DOJ collaborated with the Speaker’s office, community and advocacy organizations, providers, and experts to better protect and expand access to reproductive health care and gender affirming care. This bill will improve access to reproductive and gender affirming healthcare care, expand clinic infrastructure and workforce, and provide legal protections for those who provide, assist, and seek these services.

Wednesday, March 22, 2022

House Judiciary
Ghost Guns (HB 2005)
8:00 AM

Ghost Guns (HB 2005): Undetectable and unserialized firearms (“ghost guns”) pose serious risks to public safety. When used to commit crimes, ghost guns frustrate law enforcement investigations, because they lack serial numbers and cannot be traced 3D printed ghost guns can evade metal detectors and other security measures. Ghost guns can also be obtained without a background check. This legislation will prohibit the sale, manufacture and possession of ghost guns under Oregon law.

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