Oregon Paid Leave deadline approaches

It’s Almost January 1 & Paid Leave Oregon, Deadlines are Fast-Approaching
By Stacie Damazo & Blayne Soleymani-Pearson
Barran Liebman LLP

Contribution and model notice requirements under Paid Leave Oregon kick off on January 1, 2023. Paid Leave Oregon is a family, medical, and sick leave insurance program that will provide eligible employees compensated time off from work.

While benefits will not start until September 3, 2023, here is what all Oregon employers must do before the new year:

Post the Oregon Employment Department’s (OED) Model Notice Poster. Employers are required to make the model notice poster available to employees no later than January 1, 2023. The poster generally describes employees’ rights and duties under the program and is available for download and printing in 11 languages on the OED’s website. Employers must display the poster in each of their buildings or worksites in an area that is accessible to and regularly frequented by employees. Employers must also provide the poster to remote employees by hand delivery, regular mail, or through an electronic delivery method. The poster must be provided in the language the employer typically uses to communicate with its employees.

Prepare payroll. Paid Leave Oregon is funded through employee and employer contributions. Unless an employer has elected to pay the employee portion of the contribution, employers of all sizes must begin withholding contributions from their Oregon employees’ pay beginning January. Be sure your payroll team is ready!

Review your current paid time off policies. Paid Leave Oregon benefits will not begin until September 3, 2023, but employers may want to review their paid time off and leave policies now. Benefits under Paid Leave Oregon are in addition to employer-provided paid time off benefits and sick time requirements. It is important to remember that an employer may not require an employee to apply for Paid Leave Oregon benefits when they have a qualifying absence, and they also may not require an employee to use employer-provided benefits before or while receiving Paid Leave Oregon benefits. In anticipation of benefits beginning in 2023, employers should review and update paid time off policies to account for Paid Leave Oregon.


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