More businesses may re-locate over crime

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation,

After someone shoved a gun in the face of one of her employees walking to work, the CEO and co-owner of Salt & Straw ice cream kitchen drove to Portland City Hall with tears in her eyes, demanding that the city do something to curb crime and ensure safety in Southeast Portland or she’ll move her business out of state, according to KGW. A week later, an explosion inside a nearby RV in the Central Eastside traumatized employees and cut power to the company’s headquarters, prompting Kim Malek to reiterate her ongoing pleas that city officials make Portland safer—or else the company will leave. She’s not the only business owner considering a move outside the city because of drug-fueled crime and safety concerns such as fires, violence, and trash.

Jason Bolt, CEO of lens-maker Revant Optics, told the Portland City Council his employees trudge down the middle of busy streets to avoid tents, trash, dirty needles, and abandoned cars cluttering the sidewalks. He said his company may not remain in Portland much longer because of concerns for employee safety.   Columbia Sportswear recent moved their Sorel brand out of Portland.

Rains PDX made headlines over their stores closure due to crime.  They had 15 break-ins over 27 months.


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