Vote on capping third party delivery fees at 15%

By Oregon Restaurant Association,

Portland City Council will vote on June 15 to cap delivery fees for restaurants from third party platforms at fifteen percent. If approved, the ordinance would take effect June 29, 2022 when the emergency order capping delivery fees at ten percent expires.

In addition to the fifteen percent delivery fee cap, the ordinance would allow third party delivery platforms the ability to charge:

– No more than five percent for a Restaurant Take-Out Fee
– A three percent Transaction Fee in the amount charged by the payment processor but not to exceed three percent of the Purchase Price per Order unless the payment processor charges more than three percent.

The ordinance also prohibits:

– Third party platforms from performing any services on behalf of or disclosing information about a restaurant without their consent, including, but not limited to: Menu, pricing and contact information
– Charging a restaurant a fee which they have not agreed to pay
– Charging a restaurant for a “telephone order” which does not result in an actual order being placed

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