Distillery’s potato chip vodka sells out first day

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation,

People who love Lay’s potato chips can find that salty flavor in a special potato vodka available through Portland’s Eastside Distilling. It sold out within three hours.

The distillery is working with Lays this holiday season to concoct a way for people to sip their chips in the form of the new vodka, created by mixing Eastside’s Portland Potato Vodka and a distillation of Lay’s potatoes.

“For decades, Lay’s has created joy through iconic chips and delicious flavors,” stated a news release from Eastside Distilling. “This holiday season, Lay’s partnered with Eastside Distilling to bring joy in a new way by transforming its signature, proprietary potatoes into a one-of-a-kind vodka.”

Here’s hoping the old Lay’s advertising slogan—no one can eat just one—doesn’t apply to the new 80-proof drink.

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