Portland businesses discuss: Is crime the new normal?

Portland Business Alliance,

Portland’s ongoing struggles with community safety are well documented. Personal and property crimes have steadily increased, gun violence is spiking, and the homicide rate is near a 30-year high. The regional 9-1-1 system is overwhelmed, with even emergency calls often being put on hold. And the Portland Police Bureau, already the smallest officer force, per capita, of any major city in the county, faces ongoing shortages due to attrition.

What is the plan for restoring community safety in the Portland? Does the city have the resources necessary to roll back the lawlessness we’ve seen over the last two years? And how do we reconcile the need for public safety with the moral imperative for greater accountability in policing?

The Portland Business Alliance’s November breakfast forum will explore what it will take to make Portland a safe city for all citizens. Our panel will discuss the impact of City Council’s recent funding increases for public safety, as well as the plans for the year ahead.

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