NFIB: Lockdowns impact those already most hurt


Reaction to Latest Shutdown Order

Business closures unfairly punish those already negatively impacted by the pandemic

SALEM, Ore., April 27, 2021—From Anthony Smith, Oregon state director for NFIB, the state’s largest small-business association, on Gov. Kate Brown’s announcement today, moving 15 of the state’s 36 counties back into the “Extreme Risk” category starting Friday, April 30.

“Public health officials continue to identify informal social gatherings as a primary driver of the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, but these new restrictions are once again targeting businesses, even those businesses that have done everything asked of them to keep their employees and customers safe.

“This approach may be effective in grabbing headlines and thereby raising public awareness that the state’s authority to fight the virus hasn’t ended yet, but it does so by unfairly punishing the small-business owners, and their employees, who have already been most severely impacted by the negative economic effects of the pandemic.

“For many Oregonians, another shutdown order, regardless of how long it lasts, will be yet another pandemic-related inconvenience that may or may not prompt a change in behavior.

“For those whose livelihoods depend on these businesses being open, this news is completely devastating, especially now – more than a year into the pandemic and with an end to restrictions on business activity now in sight.”

During a press conference on April 23, Gov Kate. Brown stated that she is planning to “lift most restrictions and fully reopen our economy no later than the end of June.”

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