Business groups clash over METRO homeless tax

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Business groups clash over METRO’s homeless tax measure
By Oregon Small Business Association

The Portland Business Alliance has come out in favor of the new METRO ballot measure tax to fund homeless. The ballot measure tax includes a 1% business profits tax ($5M+ sales) and a 1% marginal tax rate on income above $125,000.

The Portland Business Alliance said, “As a member of the business community who helped develop this measure, I can confidently say it will fund solutions that are already working, and will hold local governments throughout the region accountable for making concrete progress in reducing chronic homelessness.”

On the other side has been the Oregon Grocery Association which is opposing the homeless tax on business and income.

The Oregon Grocery Association stated, “Unfortunately, the downtown Portland business interests at the negotiating table didn’t consider the cumulative impact of the exponentially growing number of state and local taxes that are borne by everyday Oregonians and business owners,”

The battle over the tax is occurring in the courtroom over the language description of the ballot measure.