The looting of Oregon hotel taxes

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70/30 Split Protecting Lodging Tax Investments Threatened

By Oregon Restaurant Association,

Oregon’s lodging tax investments could be drastically reduced if Senate Bill 595 passes.

If successful, SB 595 would eradicate the critical lodging tax reforms of 2003 by taking 30% of our industry’s 70% of any new or increased lodging tax implemented since July 2, 2003, and allowing local governments to redirect those funds for “affordable workforce housing” projects. The result would allow only 40% of new or increased local lodging taxes to be protected for tourism promotion and tourism-related facilities.

ORLA was at the table in November supporting Measure 102, giving communities across Oregon greater flexibility to create the workforce housing they need. ORLA continues to be willing and ready to engage in productive conversations about alternative solutions that can benefit communities and foster economic development without targeting one industry.

The Senate Committee on Housing held a public hearing for SB 595 on February 18.

Bill Summary of Senate Bill 595 reads, “Adjusts allocation percentages of net revenue from new or increased local transient lodging tax to allow up to 30 percent of such revenue to be used to fund affordable workforce housing. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.”