Business response to Oregon climate bill

Oregon Business & Industry,

Statement by Oregon Business & Industry About the Oregon Climate Action Program

Oregon Business & Industry is pleased to see that the much-anticipated carbon reduction bill has finally been released so Oregonians can begin to understand the impacts of this proposed legislation. We know the effects will be sweeping and we urge lawmakers to take time not only to analyze how this proposed new law will address the state’s carbon reduction goals, but also how it will impact the everyday lives of Oregonians.

OBI recognizes that climate change is real, and the business community plays an important role in leading the way to a lower-carbon economy. In fact, many Oregon employers have been national leaders in the development and implementation of carbon-reduction strategies, including switching to lower-emitting fuel sources, improving operational efficiencies and deploying technologies result in reduced carbon output.

At the same time, OBI’s member companies believe Oregon must adopt a balanced approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that with a policy that:

– Results in actual net global greenhouse gas emission reductions;
– Is not used as a general revenue source;
– Considers both positive environmental and economic outcomes;
– Is affordable for all Oregonians;
– Does not result in a competitive disadvantage to Oregon business;
– Nurtures Oregon-based innovation; and
– Includes adaptation and mitigation strategies for long-term planning.

As lawmakers consider this proposed legislation, it’s critical they make an effort to hear from Oregonians about what this bill will mean to individuals and businesses across the state. It is also important that the financial impact of the bill be considered in context with all of the other revenue-raising measures the Legislature has indicated it will pursue this legislative session, so that the total impact to consumers and employers is understood.

We look forward to being part of the discussion.

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