Chambers supporting Measure 104

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Oregon State Chamber of Commerce,
Press Release,

The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC), representing Oregon’s small businesses, nonprofits, community organizations and citizens strongly urges a “YES” vote on Measure 104.

OSCC members believe that a healthy business climate and the jobs that such a business climate creates, is the key to building up local communities, adequately funding social services, and making Oregon prosperous. OSCC is organized to give a voice to local business communities throughout Oregon in support of policies that enable business success and job growth in every corner of Oregon. That is why we are supporting Measure 104.

OSCC stands with businesses and families.

By supporting Measure 104, we reaffirm the decision made by Oregon voters over 20 years ago—that any legislation that raises revenue requires a three-fifths supermajority vote. This includes fees or the elimination of tax exemptions, deductions, or credits.

Measure 104 ends unnecessary tax hikes. In recent years, politicians and their lawyers have worked hard to find loopholes around the three-fifths supermajority requirement in order to pass unnecessary tax hikes instead of reigning in spending. Measure 104 sends a clear message that Oregonians are done with politicians working behind closed doors to increase taxes.

A ‘YES’ vote on Measure 104 will end the game-playing we’ve seen over the last few years by politicians in Salem and ensure that there is bipartisan discussion and support for any new revenue for the state.

Voting ‘YES’ on Measure 104 sends a clear message that Oregonians meant it when they said that any legislation that raises taxes should require a three-fifths supermajority.

— The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) is a private nonprofit trade association for chambers of commerce that represents 80 local chambers of commerce and more than 27,000 local businesses in every corner of Oregon.

OSCC’s mission is to support and represent Oregon’s local business community by serving as its advocate on business issues and by strengthening local chambers. OSCC is the largest grassroots organization for business in the state which gives a voice in the Capitol for local business communities large and small.