Chamber decries last minute energy ban

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Chamber-of-commerceU.S. Chamber of Commerce

In response to President Obama’s action withdrawing large sections of the outer continental shelf for oil and gas exploration, Karen Harbert, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for 21st Century Energy, issued the following statement:

“This administration’s seeming focus on appeasing special interests at the expense of America’s energy security at this late date is inexcusable. This 11th hour decision to attempt to permanently withdraw areas of the Arctic and Atlantic coasts from ever being considered for offshore exploration is the latest example of their anti-growth agenda that places extreme fringe interests over America’s best interest.

“Congress did not intend for the president to be able to exploit a rarely used, 24-word provision to make entire seas off-limits from energy production. We hope the Trump administration will repeal this action, and will work to consider all options to undo this unlawful action. We look forward to working with the incoming administration and Congress on developing a commonsense offshore energy plan that helps grow our economy and better secure America’s energy future.”