Business backs Email Privacy Act

Chamber-of-commerceU.S. Chamber of Commerce

Amanda Eversole, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Advanced Technology (CATI), issued the following statement today regarding House passage of the “Email Privacy Act”:

“We applaud the House for passing this legislation, which makes necessary updates to the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, modernizing it to better reflect the challenges of the digital age.

“Current law provides inadequate privacy protections during governmental investigations to electronic content stored by third parties on platforms such as the cloud. Now, through the Email Privacy Act, internet users’ reasonable expectations of privacy with respect to electronic communication and material stored in the cloud, will be met. Most notably, this legislation does not expand government surveillance power, which would undermine the purpose of this bill.

“While not perfect, the ‘Email Privacy Act’ represents a workable compromise that allows federal law to keep up with the times. By passing this legislation the House indicated support for digital due process and we urge the Senate to swiftly do the same.

“Additionally, we appreciate the leadership of Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Congressman McHenry for the formation of the Innovation Institute and their commitment to exploring policies, like this legislation, that foster innovation-driven economic growth.”

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