Oregon wages by county

By Oregon Employment Department,


We’ve been getting requests for median wage data by Oregon county. Here is what we have for the first quarter of 2015.

Oregon’s median hourly wage was $18.02 during the first quarter of 2015. Six counties had median wages that were higher than the statewide median: Washington, Multnomah, Gilliam, Benton, Morrow, and Clackamas. Median hourly wages ranged from highest in Washington County at $20.70 per hour, to lowest in Malheur County at $14.45 per hour.

The median hourly wage is the level where half the jobs pay more and half the jobs pay less during the quarter.

Hourly wage estimates by county are based on information provided by employers as part of Oregon’s Unemployment Insurance program. This included nearly 1,888,000 jobs in the first quarter of 2015.

Some jobs are not covered by the Unemployment Insurance program and therefore not included in these estimates. For example, agricultural labor is not included unless it is performed for a farm with a quarterly payroll of at least $20,000 or employs at least 10 persons in each of 20 separate weeks during any calendar year. More information pertaining to agricultural employers is available here.

Additional examples of jobs not included in the Unemployment Insurance records used to make these estimates include the self-employed, real estate agents, student workers, some domestic workers, and Federal government employees. More information is available here.


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