2016: A year of business risk, uncertainty

Chamber-of-commerceU.S. Chamber of Commerce

Facing extraordinary economic, political, and geopolitical uncertainty and risks in 2016, businesses need more pro-growth lawmakers and better policies to create jobs, stimulate growth, raise incomes, and increase opportunities for Americans, said U.S. Chamber President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue in his annual “State of American Business” address.

“Businesses small and large are not finding much to cheer about as we start the new year,” Donohue said. “We’re entering the seventh year of the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression. We can and must do better. With the right policy changes and reforms, as well as the election of a pro-growth Congress this November, we can significantly improve our prospects for growth, jobs, and opportunities for Americans.”

Donohue applauded Congress and the White House for a productive 2015 that saw passage of meaningful legislation addressing Chamber priorities including a multi-year highway bill, cybersecurity legislation, education reform, permit streamlining to speed up project approval, an end to the oil export ban, reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, and the permanent extension of several tax provisions and multiyear extensions of many others.

In 2016, the Chamber will focus on key projects and issues where the greatest difference and the most progress can be made, including electing the right representatives, reining in the regulatory state, expanding trade, supporting American energy, and advancing fiscal and entitlement reform. Donohue vowed that the Chamber will continue to be a fierce and relentless advocate for stronger economic growth, limited government, and the principles of American free enterprise that built the nation.

“A vibrant private sector working in a free enterprise system built the greatest economy on earth—and working together we can restore it,” Donohue said. “We must reject the idea that government has all the answers or that we can isolate ourselves from people, trade, ideas, capital, and responsibilities across the globe.”

To view Donohue’s speech visit: https://www.uschamber.com/event/2016-state-american-business-address.

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