Portland #1 for women owned start-ups

mercy-corpo-logoBy Mercy Core NW

Small business activity is on the rise across the country, according to a recent study by a prominent research foundation, and Portland, Oregon is at the top in two categories. The Kauffman Foundation, which looked at 40 metro areas across the United States, reports that Portland is #1 for female small business ownership and older adult (ages 55-64) business ownership.

The Kauffman Foundation research is critical in determining the importance and strength of small businesses, and in ensuring that small businesses are provided the necessary resources to thrive. “Main Street Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the American economy,” wrote Maria Contreras-Sweet, administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, in the report’s Foreword. “This Index is an important step forward, equipping us with the information required to make wise policy decisions and ensure the continued vitality of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Mercy Corps Northwest’s Women’s Business Center (WBC) is funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and is committed to supporting small business owners throughout Oregon and Washington.

For more information about the Kauffman Foundation’s “Main Street Entrepreneurship Index,” please visit:


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