Corporate Tax Disclosure emerging

Associated Oregon Industries
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The issue of corporate tax disclosure – embodied in HB 2077 – continues to rear its ugly head as the bill gets continually scheduled for committee work in the waning weeks of session. The amendments being considered for HB 2077 require the public disclosure of the top 100 C-corps (which includes both public and private C-corps) in each of four categories: 1) Oregon sales; 2) Oregon taxable income; 3) Total amount of Oregon corporate excise tax credits claimed under Oregon law; and 4) Oregon tax liability.

Each of the companies on all four of these lists would then be required to publicly disclose their name, address, Oregon sales, Oregon taxable income, Oregon tax credits, and Oregon tax liability.

AOI continues to oppose this legislation. C-corp taxpayers have a reasonable expectation of privacy when they file their tax returns, just like any other taxpayer. HB 2077 appears to be an attempt to single out and politicize corporate tax returns.

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