Two bills could hurt Uber and Lyft in Oregon

technology-association-logoBy Technology Association of Oregon.

Why TAO is in opposition of HB 2237 and HB 2995

We write to you in opposition of HB 2237 and HB 2995 as written, and with the -2 amendments to HB 2995. These bills would place burdensome, prohibitive and punitive insurance requirements on Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) that would create major barriers for companies like Uber and Lyft to continue operating in Oregon.

TNCs are among the newest, most exciting and transformative technology companies in the world– and they have found a home in Oregon, already bringing economic opportunities to thousands of Oregon residents and to communities across the state in the past month alone. But these bills put those economic opportunities in jeopardy.

In Oregon, we pride ourselves on embracing technology and being at the forefront of innovation. Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple, among others, have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into Oregon’s economy, and created thousands of jobs throughout Oregon. We invest in Oregon because we believe in Oregonians. Passing either HB 2237 or HB 2995 as written or with the damaging -2 amendment, would prevent TNCs from operating in Oregon, and send the wrong message about our willingness to embrace innovative technology and the economic opportunities that they bring to our communities.

We understand the need for clarity on the issue of insurance requirements for TNCs. That’s why we support the national standard that leading insurance companies, insurance associations, and TNCs like Uber and Lyft jointly developed, which allows continued innovation in transportation technology as well as allowing insurance to adapt and develop for emerging markets and technologies. This insurance standard has already been adopted in 16 states and the District of Columbia because it requires TNCs to be accountable for safety of consumers and the communities they serve.

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