Poll: Oregonians dislike Low Carbon Fuel plan

oregonianssoundfuelpolicyBy Oregonians for a Sound Fuel Policy

A new poll conducted Jan. 29 by DHM Research again shows Oregonians overwhelmingly oppose implementation of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) if the program will increase the cost of fuel.

A similar poll conducted in December 2014 used the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s own projections for fuel price increases anticipated under the LCFS and found that Oregonians overwhelmingly oppose implementation of the program by 56 percent, with only 38 percent supporting an increase.

The January poll used economists’ estimates of gas price hikes under the LCFS and found that 71 percent of Oregonians rejected the program in that case. Furthermore, close to 60 percent of Oregonians opposed the LCFS – with only 27 percent in support – when they found out the program’s increased fuel
costs would n ot go to fund Oregon roads.

The poll was conducted while Oregon was experiencing record – low fuel prices, and still Oregonians overwhelmingly rejected increasing fuel
prices under the LCFS. Poll can be found here.

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