Government agency bill collector scams rises

By Oregon Better Business Bureau

BBB® is telling consumers to be alert to scammers claiming to be bill collectors for government agencies. These scams are coming in the form of phone calls in which the caller is demanding immediate payment over the phone and threatening arrest. They’ll make the request when you answer the phone or even leave a voice mail message. BBB has received numerous complaints lately about these calls.

There have also been reports of written notices with a doctored letterhead claiming it was sent from a government agency. The letter also threatens criminal arrest or legal action if the debts are not paid upon receipt of the letter.

Remember, governmental agencies will never call you seeking your personal information or demand immediate payment by using abusive language, threats or other type of force to pay a debt. Some consumers have been threatened with the loss of their job or immediate arrest, neither of which is true.

What you should do is notify the Attorney General’s office and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Also, be sure to report the incident to BBB.

Keep a close check on your credit history, credit report and credit score regularly and only work with lenders you can trust by looking for the BBB Seal.
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