Blazers close to top 10 most valued teams

blazersPortland Trail Blazers Rank #12 on Forbes list of NBA team values 2015
By Oregon Small Business Association

The top 12 on the Forbes list of NBA team values 2015are:
#1. Los Angeles Lakers $2.6 billion
#2. New York Knicks $2.5 billion
#3. Chicago Bulls $2 billion
#4. Boston Celtics $1.7 billion
#5. Los Angeles Clippers $1.6 billion
#6. Brooklyn Nets $1.5 billion
#7. Golden State Warriors $1.3 billion
#8. Houston Rockets $1.25 billion
#9. Miami Heat $1.175 billion
#10. Dallas Mavericks $1.15 billion
#11. San Antonio Spurs $1 billion
#12. Portland Trail Blazers $940 million
The Trail Blazers were valued at $940 million by Forbes, up by 60% over last year. The NBA franchise values as a whole rose 74%, largely due to a new $24 billion TV contract, record gains in the stock market over the past six years that created tremendous wealth, and cheap credit. When owner Paul Allen bought the Trail Blazers back in 1988, he paid $70 million. Today they have revenue of $153 million and an operating income of $11.7 million, according to Forbes. They also had the fifth highest attendance in the NBA, averaging 19,746 per game in 2014. Nonetheless, the Blazers have been losing money since the late 1990s. Forbes estimates that the team lost a total of $255 million between 2001 and 2011. The goal of team CEO and President Chris McGowan is to make the team profitable by July 2016.

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