Portland flubs national Foodie list

portlandPortland fails to shine in national foodie survey
By Oregon Small Business Association,

Of the 150 most populous US cities in their foodie survey, Wallet Hub scored Portland #61. That is 14 points above the median, but still somewhat disappointing to many Portland foodies. The main reason for the lower rating was the high cost of food.

Wallet Hub conducted the survey in celebration of World Food Day on October 16. They were looking for the cities where food was the most economical, diverse, accessible, and high-quality. The five cities that ranked the highest were Orlando, FL (#1); Grand Rapids, MI; Madison, WI; Boise City, ID; and Cincinnati, OH. The city that ranked the lowest was Henderson, NV.

Portland ranked very high (#8) in the category of food that was diverse, accessible, and high quality, but was near the bottom (#142) in the category of food that was affordable. Whereas Portland has the second highest number of craft breweries and wineries per capita in the country, the prices of these commodities are some of the highest in the nation.

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