How Ore. colleges rank on graduate salaries

college-grads-studentsRecent OHSU Grads Rank in Top 10 Nationally for Pay
By Oregon Tax News,

Recent graduates with a four-year degree from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) are among the highest paid in the country. The average OHSU graduate out of school within the last five years makes nearly $66,800.That’s strong enough to put OHSU in the top 10 of all schools nationally in terms of “early career median pay,” according the Portland Business Journal’s coverage of a survey released this summer by Payscale. A total of 12 Oregon schools were highlighted in the survey.

Western Oregon University graduates on average will make the lowest salary of all schools listed in their first five years post graduation. A degree from Oregon State (ranked fourth in Oregon) is worth nearly $4,000 more than a degree from the University of Oregon (ranked eighth in Oregon)—$46,000 compared to $42,900.
Below the schools are listed in order from highest to least median pay:

1. Oregon Health & Science University,$66,800
2. Oregon Institute of Technology, $58,500
3. Reed College, $47,500
4. Oregon State University, $46,500
5. Linfield College, $45,400
6. Pacific University, $44,000
7. George Fox University, $43,700
8. University of Oregon, $42,900
9. Willamette University, $41,300
10. Southern Oregon University, $40,500
11. Lewis & Clark, $38,700
12. Western Oregon University, $38,500.

The Payscale survey also accounted for “salary potential.” In terms of mid-career salary average, both Oregon Institute of Technology and Oregon State rank the highest among Oregon schools in a near tie—$86,900 and $86,300, respectively. Willamette University ($84,800) and Reed College ($84,400) follow closely behind.
The average college graduate for all ages makes $50,000—$20,000 more on average than workers with only a high school degree.


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