Walden votes for permanent internet tax ban

Congressman Greg Walden & House pass Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Actwalden-greg2
Oregon Congressman Greg Walden,
Press Release

The Internet is possibly the most important technological advancement since the printing press. Governments’ hands off approach has enabled the internet to rapidly grow into a powerful engine for our economy.

At the beginning of the internet revolution, Congress passed a law preventing state and local governments from imposing taxes on internet access. That ban is scheduled to expire in November, though, and I don’t support opening the door to more internet taxation that would harm Oregon families and small businesses.

The House unanimously passed the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act to permanently extend the moratorium on state and local taxation on internet access. This unanimous vote sends a strong signal that keeping the internet free of burdensome taxation will spur innovation in the Pacific Northwest and create more jobs for Oregonians.

### Text of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act

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