Study: State needs Cyber-Excellence Center

technology-association-logoBy Technology Association of Oregon

Oregon has more than 200 companies that are directly engaged in cyber-related industries, technologies and solutions. In addition, cyber awareness and security affect almost every business, large and small, across the state. Unlike most other states, Oregon has no coordinated support to strengthen our cyber capabilities for strategic benefit and to assist in responding to increasing threats that could affect business viability and our economy.

In response, the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) has presented Oregon’s Engineering, Technology Industry Council (ETIC) with a study and a request to establish a new Center of Cyber-Excellence (COE) in the State of Oregon. The requested center, which requires approximately $5.3 million in funding from the Oregon Legislature during the next bi-annum (biennium), will emphasize innovations in cyber-security and training the next generation of professionals. The TAO has also suggested that the COE host programs and “challenge events” that will inspire middle- and high-school students to pursue careers in cybersecurity.

The TAO’s request for a Center of Cyber-Excellence is also designed to immediately facilitate collaborations between academia, researchers and industry to explore how to best expand cyber-centric studies and produce more cyber-savvy graduates for the Oregon workplace. The TAO and our technology industry members look forward to collaborating with universities and community colleges throughout Oregon on this important endeavor.

Your feedback is very important to us too. Please download a copy of our Needs Assessment and A Cyber-Studies Strategy for Oregon and let us know your thoughts.

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