Petition submitted to change Oregon liquor laws

By J.L. Wilson
Associated Oregon Industries
Oregon’s largest business advocate

Following up on threats to force the privatization of liquor sales in Oregon, the Northwest Grocers Association (NWGA) filed five initiative petitions  to allow stores over 10,000 square feet to sell liquor. The NWGA has been considering such a move since a similar law passed the Washington ballot in 2011. Under current Oregon law, only state regulated liquor stores are allowed to sell hard alcohol.

The language of each petition is different, but they all end the state’s exclusive right to buy and sell liquor, and instead transfer that role to stores with 10,000 square feet or more. Although the NWGA submitted five petitions, they will likely test each to determine which has the best chance of passage, and move forward with that one in 2014.

To view the language of each petition, click on each one below:

Petition 1
Petition 2
Petition 3
Petition 4
Petition 5

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