SB 488: Worst Business Bill of 2013 Legislature

By Oregon Prosperity Project

Senate Bill 488 is the Costliest Legislation of All

Our First Pillar of Prosperity is to create jobs and grow incomes for Oregonians.

Now that nearly all of the legislation has been introduced for the 2013 Legislative Session, we can say that SB 488 poses the biggest threat to Oregon’s economy, job creation, and income growth.

This week, the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee held its first hearing on whether to move forward with SB 488, which would implement a Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) in Oregon.

Only California has implemented such a standard to date.  But California’s law was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge, which leaves Oregon all alone as the only state to have this costly regulation.

There is strong evidence, based on available research and analysis, that the limited benefits of an Oregon-only regulation are not worth the cost to the state’s consumers, businesses and jobs.

The regulation is strongly opposed by Oregonians of all stripes – Chambers of Commerce, labor unions, business, agriculture, trucking, fuel providers, construction companies, service station owners and motorists — because the likeliest outcome is that it will increase gasoline and diesel costs by between $0.33 and $1.06 per gallon and lead to thousands of jobs lost across Oregon.

This is a pure tax on everyday Oregonians and businesses.

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