Business offers education funding solution

By Oregon Prosperity Project

Education is critical to achieve our goals for job creation, higher incomes, and poverty reduction. Higher attainment fuels economic innovation and job growth, it enhances the life prospects of individuals and families. Higher education levels translate directly into lower unemployment and higher wages.


For the immediate benefit of our economy, the legislature needs to invest time and resources in three specific education initiatives:

The 40/40/20 Goal
Oregon has embarked on a far-reaching effort to redesign the way we deliver education. With Governor Kitzhaber’s leadership, the Legislature has set ambitious goals to increase postsecondary education attainment, and it has authorized sweeping redesign in state governance and budgeting to support great teaching and learning – and better outcomes. Continue reading here.

STEM Education
Business leaders have formed a coalition to advocate ambitious attainment goals for education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Achieving these goals will meet industry needs for technically trained people – engineers, scientists, and technicians, as well as aspirants in the health occupations. Continue reading here.

Higher Education
Oregon has reduced funding for community colleges and universities over the past decade even in the face of higher demand. We must channel more dollars into advanced education as the economy grows. Continue reading here.

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