Business poll: Right to Work, PERS, Trespasser Responsibility Act

 nfib-logoFrom Jan Meekcoms
State Director Oregon NFIB

The following results are from the 2013 State Member Ballot. NFIB/Oregon thanks its members for taking the time to vote.

Should Oregon become a right-to-work state?

Yes 82 percent
No 12 percent
Undecided 6 percent

Should the Legislature adopt the Trespasser Responsibility Act in response to recent recommended changes in tort law that expand the liability of private property owners?
Yes 61 percent
No 28 percent
Undecided 11 percent

Should the Legislature adjust downward the calculation of state employee pensions and other retirement benefits, such as health insurance, and increase the contribution required?
Yes 90 percent
No 5 percent
Undecided 5 percent

Should Oregon require unemployed individuals who are recertifying benefits to list businesses to which they have applied for a job?
Yes 89 percent
No 5 percent
Undecided 6 percent

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