Portland firm creates James Bond commercial

Portland firm creates James Bond commercial for Sony
By Oregon Small Business Association

 The Portland-based advertising firm of Wieden+Kennedy created a commercial for Sony featuring James Bond storming an embassy, being tracked and identified with the use of the latest Sony technology. The airing of the video, titled “Mouse and Cat,” coincides with the release of the new 007 film, Skyfall.

The commercial was created along with a video game, “Are You Fit To Serve?” which features a five-part British Intelligence Officer Exam. The game tests “for the five most important skills required for acceptance into Mi6.” The game was developed by W+K Portland in collaboration with two London-based companies.

W+K employs 1,200 people and has eight global offices. Their revenue grew 101 percent from 2006 to 20ll. The advertising world has showered them with accolades, including Adweek’s Agency of the Year 2010.

W+K attributes their remarkable success in the past six years to their integration of digital and social media with their traditional print and television advertising.

“The last couple of years have been some of our best,” Dan Wieden told the Oregonian. “When the success came, we kind of viewed it as a cosmic joke.”

Continued growth will depend on getting more clients, but W+K has never focused on growth alone. “We’ve focused on producing great work,” said Dave Luhr, global chief operating officer.



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