Store cams use face-scans via Facebook to recognize you

By Guest Opinion,

A Nashville firm, Red Pepper, is expanding the use of facial recognition software to whole new level in a test project called Facedeals. By using store cameras with facial-recognition technology connected to Facebook to access a consumer’s profile in order to email them instant deals to their mobile device as they walk into the store. Right now the Facedeals project it is still in the testing phases with four businesses participating. With Facebook’s half billion users the potential for micro-targeting advertising combined with real time location is unlimited.

At front and center is the issue of privacy. So far Facebook has refused to give official comment. A Red Pepper spokesman told the New York Daily News, “The idea is not to invade privacy, which is a big issue right now.Your face wouldn’t be in any sort of database unless you opt into it.”. A video below shows how it works.

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