Top 10 economic performing states

2012 Enterprising States Study
By U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Top Performing States for Growth, Productivity, and Livability

1. North Dakota—Finished in the top 10 in six of the seven performance-ranking categories, topping the list in four growth categories: short-term jobs, long-term jobs, gross state product (GSP), and per capita personal income.

2. Wyoming—Finished in the top 25 in all seven performance measures and is among the top five states in five measures. It is second in long-term job growth and GSP growth and third in productivity growth and income growth.

3. Virginia—Placed in the top 25 in all seven measures, including seventh in productivity growth and 10th in GSP growth.

4. Alaska—Second in overall productivity, fourth in long-term job growth, and eighth in GSP growth over the past decade.

5. Maryland—Finished in the top 25 in all seven performance measures, including fifth in adjusted income for a family of four and ninth in productivity growth.

6. Texas—Appears in the top 25 in six of the seven measures. The Lone Star State’s strongest categories are short- and long-term job growth (second and fifth, respectively) and GSP expansion (ninth).

7. South Dakota—Has experienced significant growth in chemicals, machinery, fabricated metals, and transportation equipment. At the same time, the Mount Rushmore State added more than 5,000 jobs in professional services for 35% growth.

8. Washington—Moved up five places from the 2011 report into this year’s top 10 largely due to its rapid short-term job growth.

9. Iowa—Placed fifth in growth in economic productivity, sixth in per capita income growth, and 11th in GSP growth.

10. New York—Placed in the top 25 in six of seven measures. The Empire State moved up 11 spots in this year’s performance rankings due to rapid GSP expansion and per capita personal income growth.

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