Blackout Rule could dampen Christmas

By U.S. Chamber of Commerce

All Clark Griswold wanted was to add some Christmas cheer to his home. He spent days stringing thousands of lights up and down his house and jury-rigging extension cords into outlets just to brighten up the holiday. Sure, his family didn’t appreciate it, but he tried.

Rolling blackouts because of Utility MACT, A.K.A. the Blackout Rule, threaten the power grid which threaten to kill more jobs and awesome light displays.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and EPA have gone back-and-forth over the negative effects of the rule on electricity reliability. In a March 15th 2011 e-mail, FERC senior economist David Kathan sounded exasperated when he wrote,

“I don’t think there is any value in continuing to engage EPA on the issues. EPA has indicated that these are their assumptions and have made it clear that are not changed [sic] anything on reliability or gas availability in the proposed rule”.

Don’t let EPA rob all the Clark Griswolds of their special Christmas moment. Power producers need more time to comply with the rule.

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