Representative Kotek on Revenue Forecast

Statement Of House Democratic Leader Tina Kotek On Revenue Forecast:
By State Representative Tina Kotek

“This revenue forecast shows us the middle class is still being rocked by the global economy, even while our Oregon indicators are slowly and consistently getting better. While more and more Oregonians are getting back to work, the global economy continues to drag us down.

“This forecast means we will face significant cuts in the next fiscal year. These cuts will clearly impact Oregon’s middle class, Oregon’s kids and Oregon’s seniors.

“As we work to stabilize the budget, we must use all the tools at our disposal to improve our job market, fix the foreclosure crisis, stop layoffs of teachers and protect the middle class.

“While Wall Street and big banks have largely recovered, it is now middle class families being dragged down by the housing crisis, the lack of stable jobs and the cuts we are being forced to make to services.
“The pain and economic pressure has been transferred to Oregon families and we need to protect the middle class as we work our way out of this global economic crisis

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