Top 10 things that handicap your promotion

Top 10 list of things that handicap your promotion
By Career Builder,

CHICAGO, – Wondering why you haven’t made it into the corner office yet or haven’t received that bump in title? Part of the reason may surprise you. In a recent study from CareerBuilder, employers nationwide shared which personal attributes would make an employee less appealing for a promotion. Bad breath, disheveled clothing, piercings and tattoos ranked highest among factors. The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive among 2,878 hiring managers across industries between February 21 and March 20, 2011. The top personal attributes employers say would make them less likely to extend a promotion include:

1. Piercings – 37 percent
2. Bad breath – 34 percent
3. Visible tattoo – 31 percent
4. Often has wrinkled clothes – 31 percent
5. Messy hair – 29 percent
6. Dresses too casually – 28 percent
8. Too much perfume or cologne – 26 percent
9. Too much makeup – 22 percent
10. Messy office or cubicle – 19 percent
Bonus: Chewed fingernails – 10 percent

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