Pin Skimmers hit Oregon stores

By Oregon Better Business Bureau

Customers of Michaels Stores, Inc. should be aware of tampered personal identification number (PIN) pads and the possible risk that credit and debit card information has been compromised. Pin skimming has been reported at Michael Stores locations across the country. Oregon stores in Beaverton, Tualatin, Springfield, Medford, and Roseburg were affected, as well as others listed in Michaels Stores’ press release.

According to Michaels Stores’ headquarters, exposed PIN pad transactions occurred between February 8 and May 6; since then, law enforcement officials estimate around 100 customer cards may have been used in fraudulent transactions.

The company is taking steps to investigate the fraud, disable tampered devices and help alleviate customer concerns. Consumer notices have been posted on the Michaels Stores’ website.

Steps for Victims: Consumers who have made purchases from Michaels Stores are encouraged to monitor bank statements, report unusual account activity, and change PINs and security settings. If accounts were accessed without authorization, consumers should contact their card issuer immediately to dispute charges.

BBB Tips: Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington offers Steps For Identity Theft Victims and the Federal Trade Commission offers more tips on What to Do If Personal Information Has Been Compromised.

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