Industrial Land and Zoning Bills hang in the balance

Industrial Land and Zoning Bills hang in the balance
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Senate Bill 766

Senate Bill 766 – is a needed change to our land use system that protects industrial land. It requires the state to designate up to 15 “regionally significant industrial areas.” These industrial areas will offer expedited permitting for industrial uses. They will not be subject to local government restrictions on industrial uses or overlay zones. Senate Bill 766, sponsored by Senator Lee Beyer, deals squarely with the problem of availability, permitting, and restrictions on land that is set aside for job-creating industrial uses. The bill is now in front of the Ways & Means Economic Development Subcommittee…

House Bill 3017

House Bill 3017 – extends Oregon’s Enterprise Zone program through 2025. The program is currently set to expire in 2013. This bill is being championed by Representatives Jules Bailey and Jason Conger.

Enterprise zones are an important economic development tool that is available to Oregon communities with low median incomes or high unemployment rates. In exchange for locating or expanding into an enterprise zone, eligible businesses are exempted from property taxes for three to five years.

Enterprise Zones are working in Oregon. They’re a proven incentive for investment and job creation. In 2009 and 2010 alone, enterprise zones resulted in 163 projects, $1.8 billion in invested capital and over 6,500 new full-time jobs. It has a proven record of incenting meaningful job creation.


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