Lawsuit: NIKE vs. Lebron Jordan

Startup Company Lebron Jordan files suit against Nike
By Oregon Small Business Association

A new customizable shoe maker called Lebron Jordan, Inc. is now suing LeBron James and Michael Jordan for interfering in their business to the tune of $150 million each. Lebron Jordan is also suing Washington County-based Nike, Inc. and its Converse subsidiary.

Lebron Jordon, Inc., a Brooklyn based startup company, offering customizable sneakers on their website. CEO Aaron Fraser of Lebron Jordan insists that the company’s name is not related to the Basketball stars Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Fraser’s godsons were the motivation for the business name, as they are named Lebron and Jordan.

Nike, Inc., the company who makes shoes for both LeBron James and Michael Jordan have sent a cease and desist order to the shoe making company, arguing that their website should be taken down because they are likely to cause confusion with the consumer as to what company the product is associated with. Nike is the owner of several trademarks that include the names LeBron and Jordan. Lebron Jordan is financed by Fraser’s Gotham Dating Partners Inc., online dating sites. Fraser’s Gotham Dating Partners Inc. claims to be the first to use the Lebron Jordan trademark.

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