October Most Ridiculous Lawsuit: Nail salon $2 male descrimination

October Most Ridiculous Lawsuit Poll – The ‘Price of Beauty’ Edition
By Tim Gilmore
By U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Neanderthal Man gave way to Cro-Magnon Man, who gave way to Modern Man, who gave way to The Metrosexual Man – the species of man that routinely gets his hair styled, spends more time shopping than ever before, and is no stranger to the G-T-L. But nobody ever said such progress would be easy – indeed, it can often be traumatic. Case in point, a Maryland lawyer is taking a nail salon to court, calling their policy of charging males $2 more than they charge females discriminatory. He was too distressed by this to even enjoy his evening, so now he wants $200,000 for such an outrage.

And lest you think the plaintiff is only looking out for himself, he wants to go to bat for all the other guys that share his pain and have this case certified as a class action. Who’s in? Show of hands (neatly buffed and polished hands, of course)!

So is this the most ridiculous lawsuit of the month? Or is one of these better:

* Lawyer sues flip flop maker for failure to warn of dangers of flip flops
* Inmate who killed and dismembered victim sues over pulled tooth, claiming “cruel and unusual punishment”
* Child-molesting teacher counter-sues boy’s parents over negligent supervision
* Kardashian sisters sued because their shows caused man “extreme emotional distress”

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