Here is the new Nike-Tiger woods ad

Oregon Business Report News Note,

Nike has launched a new TV commercial featuring Tiger Woods.  This is a huge “Tiger Woods” gamble on Nike’s part to take a controversial moment and turn it into a positive press event.   This TV ad comes with risks as Tiger Woods recently left rehab after 45 days and is quickly returning to his first golf tournament. You will notice the television ad is deeply serious, sober,in black and white and features the voice of Tiger Wood’s late father.   In the advertisement Tiger’s father can be heard saying “”I want to find out what your thinking was; I want to find out what your feelings are. Did you learn anything,”.  The ad ends that simple, with no actual words by Tiger Woods.

Details on the Nike-Tiger ad were reported in the Wall Street Journal article, “The ad was filmed several weeks ago at Isleworth Country Club, a golf course near Mr. Woods’ home in Florida, people familiar with the matter said. The voice of Earl Woods, who died in 2006, was taken from old interviews, one person says, but this person didn’t know the original context for the recorded comments.”

Now here is the question.  Will Nike’s new Tiger ad work?  Will Tiger himself manage to make things work this week?

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