Survey: Most unusual employee requests

CareerBuilder Survey Reveals the Most Unusual Requests or Suggestions Hiring Managers Received

CHICAGO, November 11, 2009 – Hiring managers nationwide took some time to bring levity to the workplace in a new CareerBuilder survey. More than 2,900 shared the most memorable requests or recommendations they have received in the office suggestion box. Responses included:

– Request to allow people to change clothes in their cubicles.
– Request to add a tanning bed to the break room.
– Request to put beer in the vending machine.
– Request that jail time be covered under family medical leave.
– Request to institute bikini Fridays.– Request for a special smoking area for medical marijuana.
– Request that the HR person wear nicer shoes.
– Request for more time off to pursue side business as a clown.
– Request to replace his desk with a futon so employee could lay down and work.
– Request that the lactation room with gliding chair be used for naps, so everyone can use it.
– Request to install a swimming pool for employees to use.

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