Veridct: Must pay employees for donning and doffing

Oregon jury finds that employer must compensate workers for donning and doffing
Bullard Smith Jernstedt Wilson

A recent jury verdict serves as a good reminder to employers: where an employer requires employees to don or doff uniforms/protective gear at the place of employment, and the donning/doffing may be an integral and indispensable part of the employee’s principal duties, then the time spent doing that may be compensable.  In our newest Bullard Alert we discuss these issues in more detail.

Minimum Wage Update

Oregon, Washington Minimum Wages Unchanged for 2010:
Effective January 1, 2010, the minimum wage in Oregon and Washington is NOT going up.  For 2010 the minimum wage rates will remain:

** $8.40/hour in Oregon; and
** $8.55/hour in Washington.

Both states have laws that require the state minimum wage to be adjusted for inflation each year based on the change in the federal Consumer Price Index.  The CPI decreased over the past year, so no adjustment in the minimum wage will be made (the laws do not provide for a reduction in the minimum wage).

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