Rural Health Care Woes: Prinenville drops Obstetric service.

As the nation debates health care reform, real life examples of what rural communities face are evident and reoccurring.   Kevin Gaboury wrote in the Central Oregonian that the Oregon town of Prineville is losing their Obstetric services.

“By the end of the year, babies will no longer be born at Prineville’s Pioneer Memorial Hospital. The hospital made the difficult decision to phase out obstetric services by 2010 this week due to a sharp decrease in the number of primary care physicians available to provide the service, PMH Executive Director Don Wee said. He emphasized that the hospital’s decision to pull the service is not financial in nature.”We’re losing the physicians that do OB and thus far, we’ve been unsuccessful in replacing those that are leaving,” he said. “You can’t do it with one or two.” Continue reading.

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