Portland Business Alliance statement on Sam Adams

Portland Business Alliance Board of Directors’ Statement on Attorney General Report on Mayor Sam Adams and the important of moving on.
By Portland Business Alliance,

Portland, Ore. – Today, the Portland Business Alliance’s Board of Directors released the following statement about the Oregon State Attorney General’s report on its investigation of Portland Mayor Sam Adams. “Attorney General John Kroger today issued a report concluding there is no basis to file criminal charges against Mayor Adams as a result of his relationship with Beau Breedlove,” said Sandra McDonough, President and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance. ”With encouragement from Portland City Council members, Chief Rosie Sizer and District Attorney Michael Schrunk asked Attorney General Kroger to conduct an independent review of the facts around the Adams situation.

City Council — and most other leaders in our region — appropriately withheld from drawing conclusions about the situation until after the attorney general’s report was issued. The Alliance supported that approach. ”Clearly, the mayor showed a lack of judgment in having any contact with Breedlove before he turned 18, and it was wrong for him to lie about the relationship when it first became public during his campaign for mayor. However, the attorney general has determined that there is no basis to find that there was illegal contact between the
mayor and Mr. Breedlove. For that reason, the attorney general has concluded that criminal charges will not be filed, and there is no evidence to support other charges. ”It is time to move on: Mayor Adams must now demonstrate that he can move beyond these personal issues and lead the city at a time when leadership is crucial.

“Oregon and Portland face one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Portland needs and deserves a strong mayor who will enable us to stand united as a community and focus on how to create jobs that will put unemployed residents back to work. We cannot afford further distractions. This situation surrounding Mayor Adams has been a significant distraction for six months; the attorney general’s report gives us a basis to move forward and start working on issues that matter to Oregonians.”

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