Is Oregon ready to pay more in vehicle registration fees?

José Pinomesa, President
Oregon Independent Auto Dealers Association

The Legislature is in session and some come out the eccentric new ideas to create revenue.  You might have already heard but within the Governor’s Plan registration and title fees will be greatly increased and a one time vehicle surcharge put on all new and used vehicles that come into Oregon.  As far as I remember title fees have gone from $2, $7, $10, $30 and currently at $55.  Registration fees have been along the same lines with the last few increases at $30 and $54.  We have never had any kind of surcharge for vehicles that come into Oregon and this fee could be around $100.

Title and registration fees are proposed in Kulongoski’s plan to be twice as much as they are today.  Before you know it you could be at $318 in DMV fees alone to purchase a new vehicle for a two year period.  Used cars already in Oregon could be around $218 for the same two year period and those brought into the state charged an additional $100.

This would certainly put a damper on vehicle sales in this state.  Keep in mind that sales are already cut by at least 50% due to the economy.  This is a fee that you would have to pay DMV regardless if you buy from an auto dealer or a private party.  If you want to drive on Oregon roads then you will have to pay.  This makes many Oregonians mad and then furtehr irate when they learn that the hybrid owner gets a reduced rate.  The hybrid owner travels the same roads at a huge savings to them on not paying fuel taxes due to the great fuel mileage these cars get.  This is about roads not about saving energy.  We might be a green state but giving the hybrid user a break on their registration fees is just not fair.  Saving energy is a good thing but this goes way too far!

You will not believe this but Mayor Sam Adams also has a plan to charge those in the Portland area a city registration fee.  I thought Governor Kulongoski’s plan was far fetched until I heard Mayor Adams’ plan.   Both of these plans our out of touch and do not belong in Oregon or Portland!

— This article was written by José Pinomesa who is the President of the Oregon Independent Auto Dealers Association in Salem and the owner of José Mesa Auto Wholesale, LLC in Portland.

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