Oregon’s business ethics up for a vote

Business Community Update:

Every year the Oregon Ethics in Business Awards goes to businesses and business members who have merited notable ethical values in the workforce.  It is determined by a coalition of organizations such as the Samaritan Counseling Center, Rotary Club of Portland, Willamette University MBA; and the Portland Business Journal. Nominate your choice here before November 16th. See below for a complete description of the awards program.

Oregon Ethics in Business Statement:

The Purpose

The Oregon Ethics in Business Awards honor those organizations and individuals who have demonstrated ethical business practice in its broadest interpretation: in the workplace, the marketplace, the environment, and the community. The recipients of these awards will have, by act and example, gone beyond the expected to achieve excellence in ethical business practices.

The Samaritan Counseling Center, whose mission is to promote psychological health and wholeness, is convinced that a society that honors integrity and ethical behavior will foster healthy individuals, families, and communities.

In addition to the SCC, founding partners include: Rotary Club of Portland; Willamette University MBA; and the Portland Business Journal. For more information please contact the the Rotary Club of Portland at [email protected] or 503-228-1542.

The Awards

For-profit businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals that demonstrate business excellence and the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity and civic and social responsibility may be the recipients of the 2007 Oregon Ethics in Business Awards. Click here to see the list of finalists for the 2007 awards

Nominate an outstanding business, not- for- profit organization, or individual for the 2008 awards

The Process

A public announcement soliciting nominations is made in September. Friends and co-workers who have witnessed exceptional ethical behavior will nominate individuals and companies who they believe deserve to receive this year’s awards. MBA students from Willamette University will research the finalists. A Selection committee of business leaders and others will review the research and choose the award recipients.
The Beneficiaries

Proceeds from the event will go back into the Oregon Ethics in Business Program.

The Center

The Samaritan Counseling Center was founded in 1984 to help people find wholeness and healing through psychological counseling and education. The Center assists persons with grief, depression, anxiety, other emotional problems, and marriage and family troubles. With eight staff and eight sites, the Center is a 501c(3) nonprofit and Oregon licensed outpatient mental health provider.

The Willamette MBA Program

The Willamette MBA program is designed to develop the ability to manage across functions and across sectors. The School matches the educational program to the individual. Its programs range from a full-time curriculum with an experiential component for recent undergraduates to accelerated curricula for students who have appropriate academic preparation or work experience.

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